Spaceships Over Africa - Bukky Leo & Ra Kalam Bob Moses

Ra Kalam Records 015

Space Jazz with soulful African Earth roots.

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Leo Olubukola Afolabi (Bukky Leo): Tenor Sax, Vocal, Percussion

Vivek Patel: Trumpet, Percussion [Tracks 1, 7 & 9]

Kritavi Jim Warshauer: Alto Sax [Track 7]

Don Pate: Bass [Tracks 1 & 7]

Ra Kalam Bob Moses: Drums, Percussion, Gongs, Bass [Track 5]

Produced by Ra Kalam Bob Moses

Recorded March 4, 2012 at Native Pulse

Recorded by David J. Sullivan

Editing, mixing & graphics at Native Pulse by David J. Sullivan & Ra Kalam

Cover & CD art - Ra Kalam Bob Moses

Mastering by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Assistant mastering engineer - Maria Rice

© 2017 Ra Kalam Records. All Rights Reserved.

1. Cosmic Soul Spirits

2. How Light Dances

3. Bukky Speaks

4. Spaceships Over Africa

5. Monkeys in Flight (at night)

6. Grace of Space

7. Joyous Gathering

8. Harmonique D'Afrique

9. Liberated Drum Song